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I have been working as an artist and painter for the past 20 years . I went to art school (in high school) and studied Advertising Graphics for 2 years. In my early years as an artist, just out of school, I studied for 4 years in the atelier of an Italian painter. During that time I was doing old painting reproducions, tromp l’oeil, theater sceneries, portraits, while also working on my personal paintings. That was a great period also because in 1987 when I was 18, I started practicing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. Those years were made up of art, philosophy and knowledge.

You can see my work in the TRADITIONAL PAINTING section of this website.


In 1996 I worked for the Italian Magic TV channel doing background sceneries.
During that same year I started to consider using the computer as a means for my art. I had a passion for videogames and influenced by the amazing graphics of Unreal (1998), I started to experience with texturing.


In 2000 I worked on a Half Life Mod.


In 2001 I retextured a UT Level for Pancho Ekeels at Digital Extremes (contract work). I also retextured many UT levels for the Italian UT Community.


At the end of 2001 I was hired in-house at Crytek Sudios, in Coburg (Bavaria, Germany) as Senior texture artist working on FAR CRY winner of many awards: .


In 2004 after Far Cry was released, while Crytek Studios moved to Frankfurt, I moved back to Rome, Italy while still working full time for Crytek with an Indipendent Contractor Agreement from my home office. I started working on Crytek’s second project CRYSIS, travelling to Germany at dead line intervals. Crysis was also winner of many awards.


In 2008 I worked on CRYSIS WARHEAD, Crytek Studios Budapest, again from my home office in Rome. From 2009 to 2011 I worked at a Texture Library for CRYSIS 2 (Crytek Frankfurt). During that time I also started working in the VFX field as a MATTE PAINTER and TEXTURE ARTIST for many vfx companies I also accomplished a SCI_FI Texture CD in 2009 for Dosch Design and 6 other Texture CDs since then. (2014) All through 2011 I worked as a Texture Artist on WARFACE (Crytek Kiev), on a visual architecture project as a Matte Painter while also carrying on with my personal artistic project called MIND paintings on canvas you can see my latest paintings in the paintings section or have a look at my painting video here.


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