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I have been working as an artist and painter for the past 20 years . I went to art school (in high school) and studied Advertising Graphics for 2 years. In my early years as an artist, just out of school, I studied for 4 years in the atelier of an Italian painter. During that time I was doing old painting reproducions, tromp l’oeil, theater sceneries, portraits, while also working on my personal paintings. That was a great period also because in 1987 when I was 18, I started practicing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. Those years were made up of art, philosophy and knowledge.

You can see my work in the TRADITIONAL PAINTING section of this website.


In 1996 I worked for the Italian Magic TV channel doing background sceneries.
During that same year I started to consider using the computer as a means for my art. I had a passion for videogames and influenced by the amazing graphics of Unreal (1998), I started to experience with texturing.


In 2000 I worked on a Half Life Mod.


In 2001 I retextured a UT Level for Pancho Ekeels at Digital Extremes (contract work). I also retextured many UT levels for the Italian UT Community.


At the end of 2001 I was hired in-house at Crytek Sudios, in Coburg (Bavaria, Germany) as Senior texture artist working on FAR CRY winner of many awards: http://www.crytek.com/) .


In 2004 after Far Cry was released, while Crytek Studios moved to Frankfurt, I moved back to Rome, Italy while still working full time for Crytek with an Indipendent Contractor Agreement from my home office. I started working on Crytek’s second project CRYSIS, travelling to Germany at dead line intervals. Crysis was also winner of many awards.


In 2008 I worked on CRYSIS WARHEAD, Crytek Studios Budapest, again from my home office in Rome. From 2009 to 2011 I worked at a Texture Library for CRYSIS 2 (Crytek Frankfurt). During that time I also started working in the VFX field as a MATTE PAINTER and TEXTURE ARTIST for many vfx companies I also accomplished a SCI_FI Texture CD in 2009 for Dosch Design and 6 other Texture CDs since then. (2014) All through 2011 I worked as a Texture Artist on WARFACE (Crytek Kiev), on a visual architecture project as a Matte Painter while also carrying on with my personal artistic project called MIND paintings on canvas you can see my latest paintings in the paintings section or have a look at my painting video here. http://vimeo.com/95478418/


STATEMENT: In my creative process, when I portray a subject, I try to isolate my feelings, my memories, my impulses, my experiences, and I try to focus my vision on the whole. Each detail of part of everything and it cannot be isolated. Everything is important. Buddhism teaches that we are all interconnected and linked to each other like in a network. We interact on the basis of that, and each thing is linked to another and cannot exist outside of that relationship. This principle has inspired my project which I called MIND, heart and mind, an intuition, a clear vision of things to convey. My main goal is to express the fact that everything around me is sill. It may seem like a contradiction to portray this movement with flat colors and defining lines, but this dynamic energy that nourishes our being is visible, and different at each moment. The spiritual path to this quest is the basis for everything, it is the starting point of my experience which I like to convey. The subjects and the themes are always inherent to my everyday life, even if hardly recognizable at first glance.


There are certain people who supported me and who still support me in my personal and professional life that I would like to thank, in chronological order:

- My Sensei, President Daisaku Ikeda and Soka Gakkai (www.sgi.org)

- Amedeo Tommasi, a fantastic Jazz musician (www.amedeotommasi.com , http://profile.myspace.com/amedeotommasi ) with whom I often go on field trips to take photos and who taught me a lot about photography.

- Bruno Melappioni, who was my teacher in traditional painting for many years.

- Amanda Crichton who created this website! (www.onemoremonkey.com)

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