Matte Painter | Texture Artist | Concept Artist


I am Pino Gengo, I am a Matte Painter, Texture Artist and Concept Artist based in Rome working in film, commercials, video games and a variety of other media.

Currently I am mainly doing Matte Paintings, I have experience working in-house for videogame companies, I worked for Crytek for more than 10 years on games such as Far Cry and Crysis as a Texture Artist. At the moment I am also working as a remote freelance artist for clients located all over the world.
I am constantly developing my personal Art work and I have exhibited in various events and in different countries. Check out my resume for more details and my work experience.


2019 Upcoming Group Exhibition Porto Cervo Sardinia
2018 Group Exhibition Faces-Villa Brentano Busto Garolfo Milano
2018 Group Exhibition Genesis – Rome Art Week Galleria Vittoria Rome
2018 Group Exhibition Museo Cà La Ghironda Bologna.
2018 Group Exhibition Palazzo Collegio Raffaello Urbino
2018 Group Exhibition Galleria Vittoria Via Margutta Rome
2018 Group Exhibition Winner 2018 Marchionni Prize Mostre Itineranti MAGMMA
2017 Group Exhibition Rosso Passione Event MAGMMA
2017 Group Exhibition caffè Letterario Cagliari
2017 Group Exhibition Finalists 2017 Marchionni Prize MAGMMA
2015 Group Exhibition at Spazio 5 – Dec Rome
2015 Group Exhibition at Spazio 5 – Nov Rome
2014 Duo Exhibition, at Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin



• Excellent eye for composition, creative view, light, colour
• Proficiency in Texturing, Shading, Lighting
• Proficiency in photomanipulation
• Proficiency in pre visualization
• Proficiency in drawing and painting
• Strong knowledge of Photoshop
• Strong knowledge of Corel Painter
• Good knowledge of 3D packages


Hive Division
The Green Loft
FX Lab
Palantir Digital
Direct2 Brain
Fondazione Zeffirelli
101 percento
Frame By Frame
Genoma Film
Baires Produzioni
Dosch Design
GOATi Entertainment
Digital Extemes